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HR You - online education factory
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The best solutions for the creation of innovative
HR You - online education factory
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About us
HR You is a company that unites more than 50 professionals: methodologists, trainers, storytellers / screenwriters, video and sound engineers, programmers, literary editors and testers who are in love with PEOPLE
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We will create for you and your clients
Video lectures
educational series
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interesting story (storytelling)

exciting quest (gamification)

useful and practical material
that is easy to learn

interactive tests that are directly embedded in SCORM lessons
edutainment format
(training + entertainment)

maximum immersion
in the situation

the viewer itself controls
the actions of the heroes

various movie endings

modern video formats


dubbing and subtitling in any language of the world
multimedia courses
The most popular type of distance learning as follows:
The most effective kind
of distance learning:
The most innovative
type of distance learning:
VR and AR learning content
Maximum interactivity is one of the main benefits of VR and AR technologies. It's so mush easier to remember and understand to which one you can literally touch. During such classes, people are completely immersed in the subject of study, rgardless of who it is - a child or an adult
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HR You in numbers
professionals: methodologists, trainers, storytellers, programmers
companies that trust us
1 000 000+
people who have already been trained with our educational tools
Why we are trusted
All services
in one place
A team of specialists who will answer all your questions
We solve
your problem
Customer orientation
We give a solution to your request in 24 hours
We accompany Your company - we are always here for you
Work for
you 24/7
Only we
The best price
on the market
Who are our clients
The companies which:
- develop human capital in commercial
companies and government
organizations (B2B / B2G)

- produce educational content for corporate training of their clients (B2B)

- create Massive Open
Online Courses - MOOC (B2C)
Some of our cases
317 multimedia
feed courses

143 video-lectures

5 series of interactive educational series with
a choice of plot for the
Kyiv Education Hub
144 multimedia
feed courses

120 video lectures
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AVT Company
London, UK
12 multimedia

15 video lectures for internal training
UNDP for the distance education platform of the Parliament of Ukraine
Association of Innovative and Digital Education
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